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Technology designed to give you an edge.

Extract actionable trading signals directly from market data and make perfect trades with our premium trading indicator suite.

Next-generation trading indicators

Our tools, based on advanced data analysis, digital signal processing and machine learning, go far beyond the capabilities of conventional trading indicators. This best-of-breed technology has been developed tested in real market conditions and can now serve you.

10+ unique features

Our indicators provide over 10 innovative algorithms to solve the most complex trading challenges, including: advanced buy and sell signals, extremely accurate support/resistance levels and trading channels, institutional activity detection, strategy customization and one-click backtesting.

Best real-time decisions in complex and volatile markets

Open and close positions with sniper accuracy. Identify new trends and sideways markets early. Trade on autopilot or adjust the settings and perform a backtest with a click. 

A whole new level of trading experience

Real-time trading alerts

Never miss a trade. Get real-time trading alerts from your indicators to your email and mobile phone.

Use on any device

Work on desktop or mobile. Switch between devices easily with all data and settings synchronized.

Your market is supported

Use the indicators to trade Crypto Currencies, Stocks, FOREX, Futures, Options, Commodities.


traders on liked our premium and free indicators

Built on TradingView
*TradingView is the leading online charting software and social network for traders.

Make a free TradingView profile, get access to Unicorn trading indicators, and retrieve actionable signals for any market, any timeframe, on any device.

How to get started?
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Unicorn Trading Suite

The package consists of three premium indicators: Unicorn X-Algo, Unicorn Quant and Unicorn MultiOs. You can get access to all indicators with the all-inclusive Unicorn Trade-Pass, or access an individual indicator by purchasing the corresponding dedicated Trade-Pass.


Unicorn X-Algo

Unicorn X-ALGO is a multi-functional trading indicator designed for automated market analysis. It is a set of most practical tools to help you make effective trading decisions. It provides BUY and SELL trading signals, detects the best time to close a trade with our innovative dynamic stop signals. It calculates non-repainting support and resistance levels with exceptional accuracy. Once forecasted for a specified period (day, week, month, etc.), the levels don't change during the period. It can detect activity of institutional investors in the market to predict reversals and new trends early. It includes our custom award winning algorithm that forecasts the price range for an upcoming day or trading session, which is extremely useful to set targets or use as support/resistance levels.


Unicorn Quant

Deeply customizable trading algorithm with instant back-testing. Its position management and trading signals engines emulate every step of the trading process and display all the actions on the chart. For example, the algorithm shows when to enter or partially close a position, move stop-loss to breakeven, etc. The trader can use these signals in their decision-making and replicate these actions in their trading terminal. The script can also send real-time alerts to the user’s Email. Set stop-loss and up to three take-profit levels, choose rules for moving the stop-loss level, adjust sensitivity of the entry signals and see the back-test result immediately. If the performance of the strategy satisfies you, proceed with the forward-testing or live-trading.


Unicorn MultiOs

MultiOs combines several commonly used oscillators into one. Its signals are more significant and validated because they contain contributions from several different oscillators and represent their consensus. And they are also more stable and easier to read because of the unique averaging over an ensemble of different oscillators that MultiOs performs. Choose which oscillators you want to include in the mix and use the resulting combined oscillator as a regular oscillator: predict price reversals with overbought/oversold and divergence conditions, enter trends with zero line crossing signals, identify narrow sideways markets when the oscillator fluctuates in the "gray zone", not overbought and oversold.

How to get started?


Create a free account

on (if your don't have one). TradingView is the leading online charting software and social network trusted by more than 12.5 million traders.


Get a Trade-Pass

Unicorn Trade-Pass gives you full access to our products and services for a specified period. You can also purchase a dedicated Trade-Pass that gives you access to one indicator of your choice.


Redeem your Trade-Pass

Unicorn Trade-Pass gives you full access to our products and services for a specified period. You can also purchase a dedicated Trade-Pass that gives you access to one indicator of your choice.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, they do. Unicorn tools work on any device. You can use them on a mobile phone, tablet, or personal computer. Just connect to TradingView via web browser, desktop, or mobile application, log in to your account and continue your work with all the settings saved.

Being a TradingView indicators, Unicorn tools work on any market available on TradingView, including stocks, FOREX, crypto-currencies, futures, and commodities. They work on all timeframes from 1 minute to 1 month. Unicorn tools suit any trading style, from scalping to long-term positional trading.

Unicorn tools are available only on TradingView, but this does not restrict their usage. One can view the TradingView charts and execute trades on your broker or exchange via any trading platform, including MT4, NinjaTrader, Webull, Think Or Swim, Robin-Hood, etc.

Yes, you can. Unicorn Quant indicator can be as simple as ABC if you use only its high-precision trading signals. And it can also serve you as a fully customizable professional tool. You can change trading signals and position management settings and fine-tune the system for any trading style and strategy. All settings can be back-tested with one click.

TradingView is the most advanced online charting software and social network trusted by more than 12.5 million traders. Unicorn tools are built on TradingView. 

Yes, Unicorn tools work perfectly on a free TradingView account. You don't have to purchase the TradingView payed plans.

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